The Power Business Meeting

World leaders present in eastern France

The EDF Group, one of the biggest electricity suppliers in the world, calls on the skills linked to this sector in the region. Historical partners of the event, 2 world leaders in electricity supply from their thermal and nuclear power plants linked to renewable energies, have installed their R&D centres in Belfort :

  • GE

20% of the world’s gas and steam turbines are manufactured by these 2 giants.

Excellence in know-how and recognized skills

A strong fabric of SMEs groups together all the jobs and know-how for this energy sector : from engineering to manufacturing right up to installation and maintenance, all the human and technological resources necessary for the development of the most competitive innovative solutions in electricity or heat production  will be present.

  • engineering and machining of complex parts
  • surface treatment
  • mechanics, micromechanics
  • tool-making
  • special machines
  • fluid mechanics
  • electrical, electronic, automatic
  • machining
  • precision work on large dimension parts
  • orders for small and medium-scale  production
  • assistance in project management
  • technical support
  • maintenance

A structured sector

Companies accompanied by industrial networks :

  • Vallée de l’Energie
  • Nuclear Industrial Pole
  • France Wind Energy
  • Wind for Future …